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January 30th, 2019
6 to 8 pm at our Stamford
*Custom flavors also available upon request.

All our cakes are freshly baked with premium ingredients.

Strawberry Shortcake

Substitute or add other fruits! Such as banana, raspberry etc.


Bavarian cream blended with whipped cream. Excellent when paired with a variety of fruit flavors, strawberry, peach, banana, raspberry or pineapple. Also in chocolate or mocha flavors.

Double Temptation

Wow your guests with a trio of layers; delicious devil’s food cake, delectable chocolate mousse and smooth creamy cheesecake.

Triple Sensation

A trio of layers; rich black velvet cake, smooth raspberry mousse and creamy New York style cheesecake frosted with a light whipped cream topping. Other flavors available.

Back to Basics

Golden sponge cake with traditional vanilla and chocolate custard filling or can be on the lighter side with vanilla and chocolate chantilly.


Creamy, New York style cheesecake. Serve plain or smothered in fresh fruits. Available in chocolate, marble, amaretto, raspberry, Oreo, eggnog and more. Ask about our gluten free cheesecake.

Carrot Cake

Moist carrot cake frosted and filled with our cream cheese icing, a blend of coconut, chopped nuts and raisins.

7 Layers

7 layers of golden sponge cake frosted and filled with 6 layers of chocolate buttercream with ganache topping.

Chocolate Whipped Cream Delight

Golden sponge cake filled with 3 layers of chocolate whipped cream infused with Grand Marnier liqueur. Different and delicious.

Black Velvet Lobster Tail

Rich black velvet cake with layers of fluffy lobster tail cream, a blend of cannoli and whipped cream accented with chocolate chips.


Golden sponge cake infused with Grand Marnier filled with a light blend of buttercream. Available in lemon, raspberry, mocha or hazelnut flavors.

Ice Cream Cakes

Two Layers of cake your choice with thick ice cream center. Can add crunchies.


Mascarpone cheese filling and chocolate shavings sits between three layers of golden sponge soaked with espresso and Kahlua.

Raspberry Chambord

Pure raspberry jam, light chantilly cream between layers of golden sponge cake or black velvet cake. Fresh raspberries seasonally available.

Leche Condensada

Layers of cake soaked in milk w/ a sweet carmel (leche condensada) filling.

Black Velvet

Rich, dark chocolate cake. Pairs well with a variety of fillings like chocolate buttercream, fudge or etc.

Hazelnut/Fran Angelico

Your choice of black velvet or golden sponge cake with a rich chiffon filling, accent with chopped hazelnuts. Can be infused with Fran Angelico liquor.

Chocolate Mousse

Devil’s food cake with a frothy chocolate mousse filling. Topped with liquid chocolate and chocolate shavings. Mousse available in nutella, raspberry, amaretto and more.

Oreo and/or Peanut Butter

Rich, dark chocolate cake paired with tasty Oreo or peanut butter buttercream frosting and filling.


Your choice of devil’s food or golden sponge cake soaked with Bailey’s Irish Cream and filled with Bailey’s chantilly.


Devil’s food cake with layers of Kahlua blended cannoli cream. Also excellent with a yellow golden sponge.


Rich, dense chocolate cake. Flourless and gluten free.

Black Forest Cake

Devil’s food cake infused with Kirsch liqueur and delicious black cherries. Frosted and filled with whipped cream.

Lemon Mousse with Raspberry

Golden sponge cake with layers of frothy lemon mousse and fresh raspberries or a sweeter side raspberry jam. Seasonally available.

Piña Colada

Golden sponge cake with a hint of rum, filled with blended pineapple and coconut chantilly.


Pound cake with speckles of confetti with a chantilly or buttercream filling.

Red Velvet

Red sponge cake frosted and filled with smooth cream cheese icing.


Black Velvet, White Velvet and Red Velvet sponge cake filled with layers of tart raspberry jam.

German Chocolate Cake

Devil’s food cake frosted and filled with a blend of condensed milk, coconut and chopped walnuts.


Golden sponge cake filled with delicious cannoli cream blended with chocolate chips and a light whipped cream frosting.

Cannoli Nacho’s

Nacho shaped cannoli shells with edible bowl filled with cannoli cream. Sure to be a hit.

Pastry Trays

An assortment of our finest pastries. Available in different sizes for your special occasion.

Cookie Trays

A variety of our most delicious cookies. Available in different sizes for your special occasion.

*Ask about Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Vegan Cakes


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